中山诺普热能科技限公司是专业制造冷凝式热交换器企业,从事燃气壁挂炉核心配件冷凝式热交换器的研发、生产及销售。 公司通过了 - 工厂质量管理体系认证,严格管理生产,保障品质,实行质量“三包”服务。公司从欧洲引入先进的盘管制造设备,拥有检测中心、热工实验室,并与欧洲开展合作,共同研发、制造冷凝式热交换器。热交换器不锈钢盘管采用“氢还原固熔热处理”技术,还原材料特性,提高抗变形、抗腐蚀能力。 诺普热诚为中国燃气壁挂炉厂家提供配套服务。
Zhongshan LOPE Thermal Technology Ltd. since 2004 is the largest producer in China.We focus on condensing boiler heat exchanger and burner door R D and production.This is the market trend for higher efficiency and low emission.We are proud to supply world class HE for new condensing boiler in China.

Strength brand professional skills, technical talents, innovative technology, never stop, becoming a professional manufacturer of hanging fireplace "core", with advanced mechanical equipment, fully equipped, with professor-level senior mechanical engineer, research-level senior mechanical engineer Professional high-level engineers, etc .; with high-quality service and high-quality products, the high-quality service team will help you, provide customers with product processing solutions, technical guidance, after-sales maintenance, etc., so you can choose us with peace of mind.