Fully premixed condensing heat exchanger
Full premixed condensing heat exchanger schematic
6 main features of the heat exchanger body
1. The shell is die-casting to ensure the strength and stability of the product structure, which is easy for mass production; 2. The coating technology of the inner wall of the shell has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance and low thermal conductivity, strong anti-condensation corrosion ability, reducing the shell temperature, reducing heat loss and increasing the service life of the shell; 3. The integrated structural design of the condensing zone and the combustion chamber reduces the volume of the heat exchanger and reduces the space requirement of the heat exchanger for the wall-hung boiler; 4. The rectangular stainless steel tube plate is made into a spiral shape, the cross-sectional area of the tube is increased by 15% compared with the traditional heat exchanger, the water resistance is reduced, and the water quality requirements are more relaxed, so there is no need to worry about scale; 5. The coil adopts the "hydrogen reduction solid solution heat treatment" technology to reduce the thermal stress on the coil and greatly increase the coil life; 6. Unique flue gas channel design, forced high-temperature flue gas must exchange heat with relatively low-temperature return port. When the high-temperature gas flows through the spiral narrow gap between coils, it changes from advection to turbulence, which greatly improves heat exchange. Efficiency, while controlling the smoke temperature below the outlet temperature
5 advantages of combustion module components
1. Full premixed combustion mode, reducing the amount of air required for combustion and improving combustion efficiency; 2. Achieve low pollutant emissions and be environmentally friendly; 3. High-intensity combustion and large power regulation ratio; 4. Accurate calculation and layout of combustion holes, low combustion noise; 5. Environmental protection and high temperature resistant heat insulation brick, reduce the temperature of the shell and reduce heat loss.
Design Concept
The new products are based on the original: 1. The coil gap is enlarged to better adapt to China's natural environment. 2. Add a unique condensing layer design to improve thermal efficiency and reduce flue gas temperature. 3. The back cover can be assembled and disassembled, which makes maintenance more convenient. 4. The top smoke exhaust chamber is diversified, and fresh air intake duct is reserved. 5.Suitable for horizontal use of modular commercial boilers. 6. Make more space for the furnace body, you can make the size of the furnace body smaller. 7. Different gas control methods and different burners can be applied.
Market Application:
Gas wall-hung boilers, gas water heaters, and modular commercial wall-hung boilers adapted to different designs, structures, and uses.

Using Noble LOPE heat exchanger,And the SIT solar flower fan program, With the right hydraulic device, Can make the external dimensions of the wall-hung boiler smaller.
New product display
Nop Exchanger Matches Sunflower Burner